What to Expect

What can you expect from working with me?


  • We will create a short term plan (8 weeks) with measurable results.
  • We will establish a goal so big it scares you (and excites you).
  • We will meet weekly for consultation/support and as many as 5 times for workout sessions.
  • I will counsel and advise you in diet and lifestyle.

Your plan will be unique to you and progress is guaranteed. We have busy lives, so we have to be careful about being TOO hard on ourselves or TOO ambitious. It’s better to choose the easier plan you will finish than the impossible plan you will abandon.

I will help you walk the balance of pushing yourself to new levels while being realistic – a very challenging balance to find on your own.

Quick gains. Big goals. Drastic changes are all possible. And yes we will use those as our motivation, but the core of my program lies in the real gifts that keep on giving. These are:
-increased baseline self-esteem
-increased baseline activity level
-knowledge of how your body works
-an understanding of your psychology surrounding habit formation.

We can work out at my gym – there are locations all over Atlanta and all over the United States.

We may incorporate a lot of outdoor exercise, part of making fitness sustainable is making it fun and incorporating exploration, friends and family when possible.

Let’s get started by booking a consultation HERE.


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