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Hi, friends call me Boz.

I know what it’s like to binge eat boxes of Little Debbies and be too depressed for weeks to do anything resembling exercise. I’ve lost family members to diabetes. I used to smoke. I used to drink too much. I’ve treated my body like absolute trash.

Now I have energy, almost too much sometimes! I do MMA and Ironman Triathlons for fun and enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. The best part is I’m not an obsessive freak about it. I can take days off and just enjoy the feeling of health. It’s actually a sustainable lifestyle.

My philosophy on health and fitness is that there are many paths to reaching your goal. Everybody’s path is different. Your own path may even differ from year to year. No matter which you choose it will take work, but if you don’t enjoy it at some level it simply won’t be sustainable.

I will never try to fit you into my routine, my diet, and my ideas of fitness goals. But I will use my 15 years of experience with nutrition, performance training, and physical counseling when customizing a plan that works for YOU.

I will be a rock for you to lean on when the beginning is tough. And if you’re ready to take it to the next level, I will push you. I have worked with people who have lost over 100 lbs and I have worked with quadriplegics, so rest assure I will not go too easy on you. I’ve seen it all.

You CAN experience a different way of living. Maybe you’ve already had a taste of a healthier self or maybe it’s totally new for you. Either way we all start somewhere.

For me it took years to go from a binge eating couch potato to an active, healthy person. I installed lifestyle changes that allowed for constant improvement. There were many stumbles, but along the way I achieved some physical goals that taught me a lot about the process. I completed a cross-continent bike ride, which led to doing Ironman Triathlons. I have been a raw vegan as well as experimented with the Ketogenic diet. I have been a yoga practitioner and a student of martial arts. But honestly, the best part for me is simply feeling physically capable, loving my body, knowing how it works, and not being afraid of/obsessed with food. This is the gift I hope to give you. I will help you build a positive relationship with exercise. And it will get easier with every step. Your confidence will grow by the day.

The key is to educate yourself on how to use each tool but never forget the most important thing: to love yourself. It sounds cliche, but it’s true. Shame and negative self talk can be more harmful than that box of donuts you ate yesterday. Let’s accept where you are right now, and get to work.

I look forward to meeting you.

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