Learn Anything. Go Anywhere. Help Others.

I like going on adventures. I like learning new languages and cultures and challenging myself physically and mentally. The whole adventure process enriches my existence on a deep level. Putting myself out there also allows me to meet diverse and amazing people. I am not particularly talented at anything but I am curious and I love people – and I’ll take those qualities as far as they’ll go in this life.

I think it’s important to point out that I am no strong-man without fears. I have collected just as many bad habits and shitty days as I have impressive experiences. It’s just that a website called “Distractions, Doubts, and a dozen Little Debbies” gets repetitive and though it’s an honest part of my life – it’s not the truest expression of my being.

So I go for it, day in and day out. And I garner inspiration from every direction. That’s what my podcast is about, it’s about people who inspire me, about everyday heroes, real people who have found value and strength in their struggles.


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